Ellen DeGerenes Is Super Happy About Bethenny Frankel’s New Talk Show. Maybe.

Ellen DeGeneres, Bethenny Frankel
CBS / Eharmony

Skeletor Bethenny Frankel refuses to go away (remember, that’s how she’s making all that money). After getting the boot from Bravo, the erstwhile “Real Housewife” has had all sorts of ventures, but they’ve all lead up to this: the launch of her own eponymous talk show this afternoon.

Feeling she should say something, reigning queen of talk Ellen DeGeneres tweeted out a deliciously backhanded endorsement:

Is it meant to be taunting, or a genuinely kind gesture? With Ellen, it’s hard to tell (and she knows it, which is why the missive was so brilliant). But we’re betting it’s all in good fun, because these two seem pretty tight.

Plus, Bethenny ended up retweeting it. Which means either Ellen’s well-wishes were truly from the heart … or Bethenny doesn’t know when she’s being made fun of. And that’s not possible. Right? 

Regardless, we at least know Jill Zarin’s feelings on daytime’s newest host.