Here’s the Cake Wreck Drake Got for His Birthday

O Canada
O Canada

Today is Drake‘s 27th birthday, and someone was nice enough to get him a cake. A really, really awful cake.

Allegedly, this is a depiction of Drake’s hometown of Toronto. We see his “Started From the Bottom” billboard, the CN Tower, the Habibiz CafĂ© (his favorite hookah spot), a couple ads for his new album “Nothing Was the Same,” a Starbucks, and … STREETS PAVED WITH SKITTLES.

Or maybe those are Smartees. Regardless, between the free health care, candy-lined avenues and birthing Michael J. Fox, Canada is obviously a magical place. Too bad it’s melting like the Wicked Witch in a rainstorm.

Quick, Drizzy — blow out the candles before things get even worse.