Donald Trump Never Takes a Day Off From Being a Douche

Donald Trump

Today is, of course, the 12-year anniversary of the terrible attacks of September 11, 2001, when 2,977 people lost their lives. New Yorkers felt this pain and horror more than most, and consequently, tend to handle the situation with a bit more tact and couth.

Unless, of course, they’re Donald Trump, who fired off the following tweet first thing this morning:

It’s hard to pinpoint everything that’s wrong with this, but we’ll begin with the fact that he used a day of national tragedy to specifically address “haters and losers.” What, exactly, makes a hater or a loser? Terrorists probably hate Donald Trump. We’d say they’re losers, too. Did Donald Trump just give Al Qaeda his “best wishes”? Sounds like it.

Then he calls it a “special date.” What the hell does that mean? Birthdays are special dates. Wedding anniversaries. Shit, even dinner at Hooters on a Wednesday. All these things are more “special” than a day when countless lives were needlessly taken and the entire nation was shaken.

Yeah, the United States recovered. But this is a day we like to remember the heroism that rose from the ashes of Ground Zero. That’s what today’s for. Not for calling out people who hate you. (Protip, Donald: It’s the majority.)

So … Donald Trump gave glad tidings to haters and losers (don’t forget, terrorists qualify!) before calling 9/11 a “special date.”

Stop tweeting support for the enemy, sir.