Courtney Stodden Is News, You Guys


Courtney Stodden has been everywhere lately, drowning herself in television lights to mourn the death of her relationship with Doug Hutchison. First she appeared on “Bethenny” –  where Bethenny Frankel kicked the shit out of her ala the Farrah Abraham  interview –  and Courtney told the world she doesn’t read or write. And it looks like that was just the first dose.

She posted the above photo to her Twitter recently, and while the idea of Courtney Stodden being on a news network is troubling, it’s less troubling if you realize Fox News isn’t a news network.

Nevertheless, she’s apparently doing something there soon. Probably getting bombarded by angry questions from Bill O’Reilly about whether her lips are perpetuating a war on Christmas or if her breast implants have been thwarted by Obamacare in some way.

Either way, it will surely be informative and amazing television. After all, it’s not like there was a devastating typhoon in the Philippines or anything, right?