Watch Christian Bale Audition for ‘Batman Begins’ While Wearing Val Kilmer’s Batsuit

Here’s Christian Bale‘s “Batman Begins” audition tape, featuring Bale in Val Kilmer‘s “Batman Forever” suit and Amy Adams standing in as Rachel Dawes — a role that eventually went to Katie Holmes.

In addition to the footage, director Christopher Nolan talks about how Bale was able to express an “extraordinary visual iconography” and “project[ed] massive energy,” but none of that really comes across in the video because it’s mostly just Bale standing around and occasionally speaking to Adams.

He also goes into Bale’s infamous bat-voice, saying it was a “big part” of the impression he made during the audition. (Even though Michael Keaton was just as intimidating without sounding like a county fair carny with stage 4 esophageal lung cancer.)

It’s also worth noting that while we only see the backside of her head, Amy Adams projects more emotions in this clip than Katie Holmes has in her entire life. But it’s okay that she didn’t get the Batman gig — she went on to be Lois Lane, who’s cooler anyway because Superman could totally kick Batman’s ass.

Yeah. We said it.

[h/t The Superficial]