Justin Bieber Needs Better Non-Disclosure Agreements


Justin Bieber is still trolling around Brazil, where he was previously seen leaving a whorehouse dressed as Casper the ghost, and this time his brilliant security slipped and let one of his female acquaintances post a video from inside of his locked-down hotel room.

So here he is sleeping in bed next to one of those stupid flat-brimmed hats while the camerawoman collects evidence for her friends. A source told the Daily Mail that there were multiple women and men there, conspicuously adding “not prostitutes,” and insisting Justin fell asleep, the girl walked in and took the video.

But then came a photo tweeted out by a model named Gaby Del Campo, who posted a picture of a stack of hundred dollar bills and implied she “earned” them from Justin. Also, there are several tweets that flat-out called her a prostitute that she took the liberty of retweeting, indicating she doesn’t object to that moniker. She’s probably a hooker. And, judging from that amount of money, a really talented one.

Ms. Del Campo does not seem to be the girl in the video, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t there – and TMZ is holding the party line and maintaining video girl is not a hooker. So we can only place one prostitute. But if some girls are getting paid, why not all of them?

We’ll report more as this develops, but leave you with this delightful tweet to Gaby that sums up everything perfectly:


11/8/13 Update: Gawker is now reporting that video girl is, in fact, a hooker who most likely got the Bieber peen.

11/9/13 Update: Ms. Del Campo’s Twitter account has been mysteriously suspended.