Bethenny Frankel Took Down Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham is still running around struggling to promote her line of rubber vaginas, so she appeared on “Bethenny” yesterday — because what better outlet to do so than a talk show struggling to retain mediocre ratings?

Bethenny (and her audience of knife-sharpening soccer moms) immediately began circling like vultures, asking about Farrah waxing her daughter’s unibrow, ditching her daughter so she can “do her own thing” and  generally being terrible.

Farrah was immediately on the defensive, and it got tense pretty quick. Farrah sat alone on an IKEA couch while Bethenny wandered the audience handing the mic to angry, frothing upper-middle class people as everyone else scowled in silence.

Once Bethenny rejoined her on the couch, nothing let up. Bethenny just continued her assault while giving Farrah a squinty-eyed, skeptical Clint Eastwood stare (which makes sense, because talking to Farrah is a lot like talking to a chair).

It’s probably the best daytime talk moment we’ve seen since Sherri Shepherd said that Christianity predated Ancient Greece, and definitely the highlight of Bethenny’s talk show tenure thus far.

Later Farrah told Radar that Bethenny was rude, “degrading to women” and went on to suggest Bethenny’s ex-husband Jason Hoppy should purchase her sex toys, which would actually be really great.

Too bad “Celebrity Boxing” isn’t still on the air.