Crazy Amanda Bynes Is Still Crazy. Also, Mentally Unfit to Stand Trial.


Amanda Bynes was due in court today to deal with the fallout from her DUI arrest last year — except she wasn’t there, because her attorney told the judge Bynes wouldn’t have any clue what was going on (and would, you know, probably try to pee on something).

TMZ reports that Amanda’s lawyer, Richard Hutton, said Manders just doesn’t have the mental capacity to withstand the trial. The judge agreed — meaning he’s looking out for her vagina — and punted the issue to Mental Health Court, where another judge will try and suss out just how competent she really is.

Amanda’s reign of vehicular (and Twitter) terror recently came to an end when she was deemed “gravely disabled,” placed under her parents’ conservatorship, and given a cocktail of drugs that apparently haven’t been very successful.

Meanwhile, everyone pretends Miley Cyrus is sane. WHAT KIND OF WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN.