Hypothesis Confirmed: Amanda Bynes Is Cray

One Flew Over the Drake’s Nest

Earlier this week, Amanda Bynes‘ lawyer announced that she was mentally incompetent to stand trial for her DUI in Hollywood last year and bounced her to mental health court to make a judgment on her precise level of battiness.

Her mom also withdrew her bid for permanent conservatorship because “Amanda is currently on an LPS hold,” meaning “doctors have a tighter rein on Amanda than her mother would have with a conservatorship,” so it simply isn’t needed.

Now, Gerald Shargel, her attorney in a different trial (the New York bong-tossing one) said she could be MIA for up to 18 months as she gets some much needed psychological treatment in California.

Shargel told Judge Diana Boyar that Manders would be in treatment for “a year to 18 months.” That’s a pretty serious stint.

“She’s in a hospital in California. It’s uncertain when she will be released. Obviously she is being treated there,” Shargel said, adding, “We are in touch with the district attorney’s office and we hope to resolve this by Dec 5th.”

Since Amanda wasn’t present, the judge could’ve issued a bench warrant for her arrest, but wisely declined to do so. Maybe because storming a mental health clinic to drag her — kicking and twerking — out into a media circus would be a bad idea. (Plus it would be rude to do that without also giving her access to her wig closet.)