Amanda Bynes Is Out Walking The Streets

Amernder Bernes
Amernder Bernes

Amanda Bynes has been awfully quiet lately. Too quiet. So quiet, in fact, we nearly missed the fact that she was released from rehab in early December (“It’s a Christmas Twerkicle!”).  Nevertheless, she’s out, and was recently spotted walking around L.A. looking moderately able.

Manders was snapped with parents Rick and Lynn Bynes taking her dog for a walk through their Thousand Oaks neighborhood, and looking pretty fierce. Her microdermal piercings are gone, and her hair appears to have come back in nicely. Family lawyer Tamar Arminak weighed in, saying:

“She is doing very well and reestablishing a close and loving relationship with her family,”

So it appears this story has a happy ending after all (for everyone except that bong, at least). And like 2013, the batshit crazy Amanda of yesteryear is gone forever. We hardly knew ye.