That Crazy Chick Who’s Been Stalking Alec Baldwin Is Going to Jail

Oh God. Not the dog. NOT THE DOG.
Oh God. Not the dog. NOT THE DOG.

After a three day trial in New York during which she swore Alec Baldwin promised her “omelets every morning” forever and ever amen, 41-year-old Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin was sentenced by a judge to 210 days in jail — 180 for stalking and harassment with another 30 tossed in for contempt of court (since she couldn’t keep her mouth shut during the trial).

Her story is that Alec hit on her on the 2002 set of “The Adventures of Pluto Nash,” but that since he was married to Kim Basinger at the time she rebuffed his advances because she’s nobody’s sidepiece, yo.

But she says they finally did have carnal knowledge of each other after a “dream date” on Valentine’s Day of 2010. Per CNN:

Baldwin took her to a Broadway play and dinner in Manhattan, she testified. The date ended the next morning, after they had sex in her hotel room and he made romantic promises, Sabourin testified.

“I make the best omelets in the world and I’d be happy to make you omelets every morning for the rest of your life,” she quoted the actor as saying.

For his part, Baldwin maintains that while he did have dinner with her as a favor to a friend who was trying to help her career, his business advice wasn’t administered naked — and that any “relationship” they had was all in Sabourin’s mind.

This prompted repeated Tourette’s like outbursts of “you’re lying!” and “I’m innocent!” and “‘The Adventures of Pluto Nash’ sucked donkey dong!” (I may have improvised that last one but don’t pretend I’m wrong.)

What isn’t in dispute is that in the months after their one-nighter, Sabourin sent a lot of creepy emails to Baldwin, violated restraining orders by calling him and showing up in person wherever he was, and scared the living shit out of his now-wife, Hilaria.

“I am less than 10 minutes away from you tonight. Say ‘I do’ to me,” one e-mail says.

In another e-mail, she said she was ready to get married: “I need to start my new life with my new name … in my new country, help my newly husband, you!”

In another e-mail, she admits defeat: “I may have lost all the battles to win your heart over in the past two years, but I’ve learn (sic) so much,” it says.

Her attorney insisted his Stage 5 Clinger client “had a legitimate purpose in determining the status of their relationship.” (And, apparently, whether she’d need to start buying her own eggs again.)

Baldwin wasn’t there to hear the judge’s ruling, but upon leaving court earlier this week, he told reporters to eff off and that he hoped one in particular “choked to death.” This, however, didn’t make much of a media ripple. Because Alec Baldwin.