Adam Lambert Is Made of Glitter and Guyliner and Utter Fabulousness

The collective talent of the “Glee” cast is pretty much undeniable, but let’s be real here — the show itself hasn’t been interesting in a long time. So lately, it’s embarked on that hallowed TV tradition often observed by waning programs that still have a bunch of episodes they’re contractually obligated to make: stunt-casting.

Which brings us to the video above. Look, I don’t know the storyline beyond what’s presented here, and it really doesn’t matter. All you need to know is Adam Lambert covers Lady Gaga‘s “Marry the Night.” And by “covers” I mean “makes it his bitch.”

Adam, as you may recall, should’ve won the 8th season of “American Idol” back in 2009 but didn’t, most likely because he has the gay and the little girls who do all the voting weren’t yet old enough to realize they wanted to borrow his clothes and makeup. (And really, it’s a good thing he lost. Otherwise he’d have been stuck with the winner’s curse of a first album that’s the musical equivalent of tapioca pudding.)

Anyway, Adam’s spent the years since being outrageous and talented and pissing off people who really need pissing off. His most recent gig is a multi-ep arc on “Glee” — and if his debut performance is any indication, the snoozy show just put on its highest heels, washed down a few Adderall with a Red Bull, and hit the clubs.