What We Do

We deliver pop culture and celebrity news with our own special brand of attitude and humor, and believe if a picture is worth a thousand words, a GIF is a copy of “War and Peace” you’ll actually enjoy.

We snark when it’s called for, praise the praiseworthy, and believe fame should be a side-effect of talent rather than a pursuit of its own. In other words, we understand the difference between an actual celebrity and someone who’s just famous, and we keep an unlimited number of side-eyes in reserve to use as needed.

Who We Are

Shauna Wright has been writing and editing things for cash and prizes for well over a decade, and while her first love is celebrity dish, she’s also done work for Fortune 500 companies and even written a book. As goldengateblond on Twitter, she’s a contributor to WitStream and her tweets have been featured on numerous websites (and a TV show or two).

Ryan Anderson is a humorist and writer with a degree in journalism and philosophy that just sits in a box in his attic. He’s stalkworthy on Twitter under kolchak, where he too is a WitStream contributor, probably followed by at least two people you’ve heard of, and once pissed off Donald Trump in hilarious and public fashion.


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We shouldn’t have to say this, but for legal reasons (and because people are stupid), we will anyway: We often make heavy use of sarcasm, satire and hyperbole. The things we say may or may not be true and are not intended to be factual statements. Our opinions are just that — opinions belonging to us. Not appropriate for children. Meant for topical use only. Reading this site may cause nausea, leg cramps, blurred vision, and bunions. This site may cause difficulty with operating heavy machinery. If so, YouTube that shit. It’ll probably be hilarious.