Here Are 8 Possible ‘Breaking Bad’ Endings for You to Mull


Well, kids, it’s about that time. In a few hours the curtain will close on “Breaking Bad,” and we will collectively spend our Sundays weeping in dark rooms and drinking the pain away. But the question remains: how will the show wrap up? Will it be disappointing? Satisfying? Bizarre?

We have some (improbable) guesses.

1) Walter White is revealed to be one of Huell’s alternate personalities. Skyler and Flynn represent the family he wishes he had. He’s been Heisenhuell the entire time.

2) Walt goes to visit the Aryans and brings baby Holly. He begins to offer Holly to them but instead throws her at full force. Unbeknownst to everyone, he has been exposing her to gamma rays for weeks. She tears the Aryans to pieces with her powerful, tiny baby fists. Walt and Skyler open a nursery for mutant babies in New Hampshire.

3) Lydia and Walt meet inside a Denny’s. Lydia orders egg beaters instead of real eggs. As she does, Walt Jr. takes her out through a window with a modified, sniper rifle arm crutch. He winks to the camera. Fade to black.

4) Todd asks Lydia to the movies. She reluctantly accepts, but wants to see “Blue Jasmine.” Todd wants to see “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.” They argue for a bit, then he shoots her in an alleyway and sees his movie. He likes it, but not as much as the first “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.” He’s also happy to receive a collector’s cup when he orders a Mr. Pibb.

5) Walt saves Jesse from the Aryans. Jesse shoots him in the face. Suddenly, Michael Myers emerges and slices his throat. This has been a 5-year lead up to AMC’s 2013 “13 Days of Halloween” extravaganza.

6) Marie spends the entire hour wrapped in a purple snuggie and sobbing over Hank’s mineral collection. No other characters are addressed.

7) Walt and Jesse are killed. Directionless, Skinny Pete and Badger open up a pulled taffy company. They make millions with their proprietary formula. But the formula is revealed to be too close to Nestle’s formula, and they are sued. Having lost their fortune, the two go back to slinging crystal.

8) In a shocking twist during the last 2 minutes, Flynn has meatloaf for breakfast. This causes a rip in the time-space continuum, sending everyone hurdling through a black hole and into the abyss. The episode is dedicated to Nietzsche.