Kim and Kanye Put Their Baby in a Straitjacket and Took a Picture



Until now, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had only seen fit to show one photo of spawn North to the world (and, going completely against type, they released the shot themselves without being paid for it or anything). But since Kim just got an assload of designer baby clothes, she apparently thought this was a good time to post a more recent picture of the kid who’ll eventually wear them.

So. Here she is. She’s, uh, still a baby. Just an older one now, because that’s how time works.

She also appears to be bound in some sort of straitjacket, indicating that perhaps she required restraints after learning who her parents are. And that they gave her a name that should come with a therapy fund.


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  1. I’m genuinely surprised her swaddle wasn’t designed by Kanye out of black leather and rose gold and studded with the teeth of all the paparazzi who dared to speak to him.

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